Cynthia’s Diary – June 5 – 11, 1944


Mon June 5th

Had letter from my darling John. Also one from Daddy with L5-0-0 on Saturday. When John came. I had 2 parcels from John’s mother and sister. Bridal set, (nightdress, slip and panties). Also 2 pairs stockings and pair of babies booties. I had to pay 18/1 for them. Gosh was I mad.

Also had letter from John which one of the fellows brought down.  Sent of some invitation cars. I should have come on duty at the Station Sat. but forgot all about it. Went on duty today. Phoned StrandPalace Hotel. They are full up. Girls moaned (because I) forgot going on duty.

Tues June 6th

Had letter from Uncle Arthur. Our troops have started to invade near France.

Wed June 7th

Mr. Pryke gave me a cheque for L2-2-0 for wedding present. Carm and Chuck came to supper. Don’t think I’ll tell John. He hates Carmel. Pamela at Elaine’s went to dance. Stayed in and did sewing.

Thurs June 8th

Elaine came in evening. Gee I’m getting excited. Hope John can get leave. The wedding’s just got to come off now. I’ve been dashing everywhere arranging things. Lovely invitation cards.

Fri June 9th

Went to the show. Saw Fred McMurrey and Paulette Goddard in “Standing Room Only”. Looked in dance, while I took dog walk. Eileen, Pam, and Elaine. Had a talk with Stan. Wrote to John. I write him nearly every day.

Sat June 10th

Mummy and I went to Guildford. Got rest of veiling and headdresses for bridesmaids etc. Had tea Abbotts Kitchen. Had cheque from John’s mother 200 dollars. 44-17-10.

Sun June 11th

Went to show. Wrote to John. Gee I’m getting excited. To think I’ll really be John’s wife, and he’ll be my own darling husband. He’s the best man in the whole world and the handsomest too, and I wouldn’t part with him, not for a million pounds I love him with all my heart and soul. Oh! Dearest come to me soon.



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