Cynthia’s Diary – April 22 – 23, 1942

Wednesday 22nd April

Wednesday morning Bob phoned.  Came lunch time.  I phoned office, had couple hours off.  Bob may come tonight.  Went talked to Margie at cinema.  Saw Pat Milton spoke.  John came in evening.  Met Betty, Rennie, also Bert and Jack Eagle.  Could not get rid of them.  Saw Jim etc.  Saw Vincent.  Played cards.  Got a little fed up.  Shall be glad to go to dance tomorrow.


Thursday 23rd April

Danced with lots of officers.

Saw Jim, Jonnie Ford etc.  Pamela not very well.  Took ring to jewelers!  Went to dance.  John came for me in truck.  George danced with me a lot.  Saw swimming pool, tennis court, X-ray plates.  French Canadian proposed to me his name is Oscar.  He’s terrible and I hate the sight of him.  Betty introduced me to Mother.  Danced with June Bissett.  Came home in truck about one o’clock.

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