Cynthia’s Diary – April 14, 1940

Sun Apr 14, 1940

I did not go out much today, just saw a few friends.  Pamela and I were left alone and had tea by ourselves.

Fri Apr 19

Team won.  I got four words out of four right, had parcel off Mummy and letters.  Went for Mrs. Newbury, but it teemed rain.  Went to flicks with Joan, Pamela, Lois, Renee.  Saw Robert Donat in Goodbye Mr. Chips.  Also Our Gang in a crime doesn’t pay film.  We went in village saw Ken, and Phyllis.  Got home 7:15.

Mon Apr 22

Weazle hanging out.  We wore our shorts in evening played with Luise,   osker   Had ride on Phylis’s bike.

Tues Apr 23

Nurse came to school to test our eyes.  Towser killed one baby rabbit and brought one back alive.  Very tiny about 2 days old.  Teemed with rain…..Luise

Thurs  Apr 25

Phyllis and I went walk, could not find friends …also Joan.  Luise said I am her best friend   she missed me

Renee, Barbara, Cicely, Peggy, Cynthia, Margaret, Wendy, Dorothy at the Rectory

Fri Apr 26

Were examined today.  Our school one of healthiest.  Played with Luise and twins and Joan.  Picked primroses for her mother.   Vast Bridge.  Had ride on bike.

Sat Apr 27

Went to the pictures, saw “Band Wagon” and : Code of the ops”  We saw Luise, her brother and mother.  Girl in film called Cynthia.  Rabbit died this morning.  Renee got German Measles.

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