Cynthia’s Diary – Story of evacuation to Alfold, September 1939, Page 7

I omitted the fact that I had still another sister, Pamela, who had been evacuated with her school to Warminster, Wilts.  She wrote quite often, and quite enjoyed herself for a while, Mummy visited her too, and sent us both pocket money regularly every week we were away.  Pamela suddenly decided she was homesick, and wanted to come with me.  We finally arrived at a decision, that she should move in with Mr. and Mrs. B. and Wendy, and that I should be placed in another billet.  Naturally, I was thrilled, at last to be on my own.

We were allowed to go home for the occasional week-end and holidays, as the enemy had still not made an appearance over England.  When we got back, Mr. B. took me to Mrs. Robertson, the billeting officer, who was also Elizabeth’s mother.  She told us where to go, and said if the people weren’t home, to bring me back to her house.  I prayed they wouldn’t answer the door, as I would have loved to have stayed in that beautiful white house on the hill.  Mr. B. kept insistently ringing the bell though, and finally a woman with a broad Scotch accent came to the door.  She said she hadn’t expected me so soon, but if I didn’t mind sleeping with her sister for a couple of months, I was welcome immediately.  Being a rather shy child, I mention the fact that I could have stayed at Mrs. Robinson’s.

Mrs. Newbury introduced me to her sister who was a typical gaunt type Scots-woman, also to her husband, who was a likeable fellow, and their baby daughter, nicknamed Wendy.  They had a nice house, which he had built himself, being a bricklayer.  The room I shared with the sister was lovely, and I thought the coloured sheets were wonderful.  The bathroom had an imitation black and white marble bath-tub, and flush handle on the toilet, instead of the old pull chain, which was in existence in most places, so it was very modern for England.  It seemed like years before I had the bedroom to myself.  Every night was the same routine.  The sister would have the water bottle first, and finally give it to me when it had cooled off.

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