Cynthia’s Diary – Jan 7, 1940

Sun 7

Called for  Pamela too late to go church, went walk, Church afternoon.  Took Wendy walk in morning.  Went to ?gus match, out with Paddy.

Mon 8

Went to school, all girls have not come back yet.  Pam went to new school.

Tues 9

Called for Janet & Renee, skated on ice, had fun, boy went through ice.

Wed 10

Wrote letter to Mummy.  Lotty is going to dance, so is Renee.  It is 2/- hope Fred goes, bet he doesn’t.  Skated, Janet’s foot went through ice.

Thurs 11

Skated again, saw Fredallie ??Brother??.  He’s getting friendly.

Fri 12

Had letter from Mummy.  Went to Alfold Guy Fawkes Carnival dance, had fun.  Danced every dance.  Nearly won two prizes.  Boy image Jackeie and Elizabeth and Peter were there.  Jack went by bus.

Sat 13

Went ice skating with Renee.  Had ride on her bike, saw Fred.

Sun 14

Missed a treat, could have had breakfast in bed.  Water froze in taps.  Went out with gang & Paddy.

Mon 15

Went moonlight skating, had go on sleigh.  Went out with gang, kissed Paddy, arranged to go out.

Tues 16

Weather is freezing, did not do much.  Have some fun at school.  One of twins fell down on ice, slight concussion.

Wed 17  Went out with….(Shorthand)

Thurs 18  Every day we get snow-balled.  Boys wait at the corners of the roads and shower us with snow.

Fri 19

Got Mummy’s letter, money.  Went out with gang.  Had some fun, good eats, mistletoe.

Sat 20

Eileen B—-, Reggie’s party.  Stanley there.  We——— by 12 o’clock.—there.  Reggie, Eileen, Pat, Willie, Stanly, Cynthia, Freddie, Cicily, Larry, _____, John, Janet.

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